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Welcome to my website. Its purpouse is simple - to share with you the way I see and feel about the world.

My "romance" with photography started on my communion day, with my first camera, SMENA 8M, which was also my inspiration for my logo. During my begginers stage, let me say this; there were more fails than there were successes. They either turned out out-of-focus, all black or all white, not to mention the composition... In Poland, it was the stormy time, when it was on the brink of communism, and everything was a big blur. The economics side and the political evironment were at a 'crossroad'. Later, in my mid 20's, I had to put away my passion, atleast for a while. I got back the 'spark' when my family and I were going on a Christmas holiday to Aosta, Italy. Right then I knew it was the perfect time to pick up photography and look at it from a different perspective. Only difference is, it became digital :(
I was only capable of using the old-style camera's with films in them. And so, I was detirmined to learn all there is to know about digital photography, and I'm still learning! I now work with real-life elements, using graphic techniques only to polish these. Sometimes it's a blend, sometimes a single exposure, yet it is, and always was my passion. I think photography is the closest anyone can get to a pause button in life. Prior to a session, I start researching the subject all the way through, then spending the time scouting for the best vantage point. Photography changed my life in a couple of different ways; this is my pause button - because I feel like I have more time for myself, with myself. Photography is a way I can express myself not through words, but through pictures. My work consists of landscape, seascape, mostly cityscape and a little bit of astro photography.

I am a proud father of 3, one in Heaven and two daughters with me. I love them to bits and they understand that passion is very important. I always showed an interest in history and I feel every photo I take, it becomes a part of it. We don't know if what we've photographed today will still be there tomorrow. The camera is the tool I use to share how I see the world. I hope you will enjoy. Credits to my eldest daughter, Victoria, who designed my logo and was my ''chief editor'' for the text.


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